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“The experience we provide is about getting into where the couple is in their life together and to give spiritual guidance as they transition into the next stage of their coupling. They are not just going in as two people having a wedding service, or having a party or a reception, we’re virtually helping them to tool their life plan.

When we meet with couples what we see first is the love, and then the religion. It’s about two people knowing who they are, and that those two spirits are meant to be together. Their religions and the traditions come in secondary: The primary piece is having the couple, and the essence of who they are, come forth.

And that’s what the whole wedding is about: creating the wedding ceremony, designing it so that it’s fashioned in such a way that it communicates to others who these two people really are.

Officiated By:

Rabbi Anna Sugarman

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Rabbi Anna Sugarman, anna.sugarman@gmail.com

For over twenty years, we have served couples to design ceremonies that express who they are. Our work takes us all over the world as we love being present with different pairs, learning about who they are and sharing their wedding journey. Each time we start the journey, we are touched by the closeness we feel to the pair.

We aspire to help our couples develop a service grounded in spirituality to enable their families to feel connected and part of the joining themselves. Often, we are called upon after the wedding to officiate at the naming of their children or their children’s bar/bat mitzvahs. What a joy it is to serve our global and local communities as rabbis, teachers and chaplains.

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